Latin - Thinking Sensing and Doing in Latin American DancingLatin - Thinking Sensing and Doing in Latin American Dancing

This very popular book by Prof. Dr. Ruud Vermeij giving an insight into another way of  looking at dance, moving your body and effectively sensing and performing your dance.

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Dance to your MaximumDance to your Maximum

Many dancers have used the gems from this book to give their performance the winning edge, making it a must-have as a dance bible. Hard work alone is not enough to become a great ballroom dancer, but within the pages of ‘Dance to your Maximum’ by Maximiliaan Winkelhuis are the secrets which can turn your thinking into that of a winner. 

Over fifteen years of experience with the world’s finest dancers plus extensive studies have enabled Maximiliaan Winkelhuis to give you all you need to know to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for competitive ballroom dancing. Equip yourself with every advantage to extract the maximum from your performance.

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