Maximiliaan Winkelhuis


Maximiliaan’s approach to the dance is non-technical: he is not a dance teacher. He is a performance coach. He focuses on the already present knowledge and skills from his clients. He helps to free the delicious dancer hiding inside each competitor. Maximiliaan will make you actively use your mind and feelings.

His approach is an intense and freeing experience. It makes dancers more effective. Dancers (and coaches) learn how to concentrate, how to cope with their emotions and how their dancing may fill their spirit. His models are easy to learn and very effective on the competition floor. His stress-handling methods help you to enjoy the competitions more. Dancing without stress will make you dance better too and so will your results improve.

His anti-stress model is called The Nine Step Connection Model© and is used worldwide. His other renown models are for instance “Effective practising” and “Seasonal planning”. Maximiliaan helps dancers to find out what makes them unique. He guides them to explore their talents, visions and missions. This search for what makes you unique and how to bring that into the world is maybe the most rewarding part of his work.

Around the new millennium Winkelhuis published the dancer’s workbook called “Dance to your maximum”. In this easy to read book his models are explained and dancers can find exercises to help themselves. This book has been translated into Russian, Korean and Chinese. Maximiliaan has studied Transformational Psychology. He researched the qualities of charisma and has in-depth knowledge of personality styles (enneagram) and Transactional Analysis. Recently Maximiliaan published with DSI his latest book called “Dance without stress” which contains a hundred practical stress rescues to help dancers when they practice, when they take lessons or when they compete.